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Light Up Louisville! this Sunday!

LIGHT UP LOUISVILLE is this Sunday, Dec. 4th, from 3-6 p.m., and will once again feature the popular Passport Program. The Passport Program is for those 18 & under, for…(SUBSCRIBERS read more)

Louisville Herald photos pricing for color photos printed on photo paper on the Herald's Color Laser Copier/Printer: $3.99 per 8"x10" photo paper sheet.

CD/DVD/Flash Drive: 1 photo $5; each additional photo $2.50 per photo up to 20 photos. More than 20 photos, call The Herald.

Herald subscribers get a 20% discount on Herald prices above. Herald subscribers can log in at the Herald website to select photos by names they would like to purchase, and then call the Herald at 330-875-5610 and provide the names of any photos wanted printed or put on a CD/DVD to place orders that can later be picked up at the Herald. For more information, call The Herald.

All photos are ©The Louisville Herald and for personal use only, unless expressed permission granted.

COLOR COPIES and color photo copies (on photo-quality paper), up to 8x10 for just 99¢. Also printed copies of photos from either the printed or online Herald. Call 330-875-5610.

Students, Teacher, Support Person and Volunteer for November

(Nov 29, 2022)

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The Steve Thomas office at Edward Jones Investments in conjunction with the Board of Education announced the outstanding students, teacher, support person, and volunteer for…(SUBSCRIBERS read more)

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Tax revenues continue up

(Nov 29, 2022)

The October 31 financial report indicates income tax revenues exceed 2022 levels by 12.9% overall and stand at $4,635,621 for the year. Withholdings are at $2,894,225, up…(SUBSCRIBERS read more)

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Five Year Forecast accepted

(Nov 29, 2022)

The Five Year Forecast includes actual figures from fiscal years 2020 through 2022 and projected figures for fiscal years 2023 through 2027. The schools' fiscal year…(SUBSCRIBERS read more)

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Mayor's Desk 12-01-2022

(Nov 29, 2022)

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. I got to enjoy the delicious Thanksgiving food two days in a row and loved every bite the second…(SUBSCRIBERS read more)

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