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The leaders of departments in Louisville just won’t give up. They continue to put issues on the ballot over and over again even though the community votes them down. Where are they finding the funds to keep doing this? Libraries are great, but we already have a fine one. The schools are in great shape and the teachers’ salaries are at an all time high. Yet they continue to put these levies on the ballot thinking that eventually they’ll wear us down and we’ll give in. They run misleading articles in the media where there are no means of rebuttal. By all means VOTE, but be an intelligent voter. A lot of citizens aren’t even aware of the pending elections. A special election on 8/8/2017 for 1.8 mill – 10 year levy for the library and 11/7/2017 for a 5.0 mill levy for the schools.

Don’t give in or give up the ship!!

Ray Fuller

Miracles Happen!

Sarah Clapper Miss OH

Sarah Clapper crowned Miss Ohio 2017  The 70th Anniversary of the Miss Ohio Scholarship Program state pageant was held at the Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield June 15, 16, and 17. 2012 LHS graduate Sarah Clapper was in attendance competing as the local titleholder Miss Clayland, which was held in Urichsville, OH last September. The 19… Continue reading»

Krabill Auction

Krabill Auction

Paradise Youth Invite All to Participate in Project Hope

A hunger awareness sleep-out will be held by the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Groups at Paradise United Church of Christ the weekend of April 21-23. The youth will learn first-hand the impact of being hungry and perhaps homeless when they participate in what they call “Project Hope.” This is their 7th Annual Project Hope… Continue reading»

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